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Quick Temp Jobs is a digital platform that helps candidates secure short term jobs by making qualified candidates accessible to thousands of Employers who need short term employees to fill certain roles or get certain things done. Quick temp Jobs will reduce underemployment to the barest minimum by creating avenues for people within that class to be more productive. Businesses regularly have a need for short term workers who possess certain skills and are available to work on contract, temporary, part-time, or freelance basis. Quick Temp Jobs is an innovation based on needs and problems faced by organizations when it comes to recruiting for short term roles. It is also meant to serve millions of undergraduates in Higher Institutions, those awaiting National Youth Service, and others who may have the need for short term employments when they have such time. Quick temp Jobs also serves as a platform where you can search and hire skilled artisans like Interior Designers, Painters, Electrical Engineers, etc. For Organization that needs to close the gap for employees on Maternity and other statutory leave, intern positions, short term project, etc. We place a high premium on helping organizations and individuals find the most qualified candidates for their short-term job openings.


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Why Quick Temp Jobs

The world is changing and so is the way we work, recruit and engage talents. Covid-19 only brought us faster to a place where we were actually going. Terms like Word From Home, Remote Office, freelance and remote working has only become more porpular and common place. The way we work, recruit, search for jobs, apply for jobs, do the jobs, search for talents, engage and conpensate for work done has drastically changed. Quick temp Jobs has made it easy for organizations and candidates to leverage on the current new realities to embibe and approach talent hunts and job search more flexible and seamless. Organization are now able to recruit on short term, freelance and contract basis. While on the other hand, candidates are able to do multiple short term, freelance and contract jobs with ease.


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₦ 15000

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  • Validity: 365 Days
  • Candidates Search: Unlimited
  • 10 Spotlight Jobs
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  • 5 Stared Jobs

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  • Validity: 365 Days
  • Candidates Search: Unlimited
  • 5 Spotlight Jobs
  • 5 Feature Jobs
  • 5 Urgent Jobs
  • 5 Private Jobs
  • 20 Stared Jobs


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